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Workday helps managers and employees keep important human resource and business management processes moving. Review and approve HR and business management processes, including personnel hires, expense reports, requisitions and time-off requests.
Publisher/Seller: Workday, Inc.

Oracle Business Indicators

Access secure, real-time financial, HR, supply chain, and CRM analytics. Interact with business information more intuitively than ever before.
Publisher/Seller: Oracle Corporation

Dictionary of Human Resource Management Terms

The Dictionary of Human Resource Management (HRM) Terms is an indispensible reference app for Students, Managers and HR Practitioners.  The most comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective resource available, the Dictionary of HRM Terms is the complete reference tool that goes where you go.
Publisher/Seller: Intersog

  $2.99 DOWNLOAD
VIP Access

VeriSign Identity Protection VIP helps protect your online accounts by requiring a security code -- in addition to your user name and password -- for safe and secure account access. To get the security code, you use a VIP credential that generates a six-digit number. The security code acts as a unique one-time password OTP that automatically changes every 30 seconds for your protection.
Publisher/Seller: VeriSign


The BlackBerry® Bookmark provides users with access to top-tier industry and local career websites across the worlds largest network of niche career communities.

Oracle Business Approvals for Managers

Review key tasks, access reports, and make intelligent business decisions on the go. Review expenses, purchase requisitions, job vacancies, and new job offers.
Publisher/Seller: Oracle Corporation


Access files from anywhere and securely share content using the online file sharing service.
Publisher/Seller: Box.Net Inc

Mobile Phax

Use the built-in iPhone camera to capture and clean up documents, convert them to multi-page PDFs, and email them to others. Includes 50 Phaxed pages.
Publisher/Seller: Mitek Systems, Inc.

  $9.99 BBerry/$4.99 iPhone
Air Sharing

Transfer files from a local computer or online file server to iPhone. View popular document formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, and even standard audio and video files.
Publisher/Seller: Avatron Software, Inc.

  $2.99 DOWNLOAD

Wirelessly transfer files from your desktop computer to iPhone. Scroll through documents with no hands using “tilt scrolling”.
Publisher/Seller: Magnetism Studios

  $4.99 DOWNLOAD

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